It’s quite common a myth that you can’t measure return on your social investment. But only a few know that Social Media Marketing can generate a significant return on investment, provided your social media strategy is crafted with a solid business goal in mind.


Simply having a Facebook page isn’t a social media strategy. Your strategy connects where you are with where you want to be. We at Linking Media are experts in creating measurable, innovative social media strategies that deliver results, no matter if your desired result is more likes, clicks, engagement or sales.


It’s difficult to rest easy when you have social network profiles for your brands, especially as social media is ‘always on’. We monitor all client channels seven days a week enabling us to be ever ready to engage with your audience, add value to conversations and respond to customer queries in a timely manner.

Aside from a financial return, social media can, when implemented correctly, promote your brand, engage your audience, improve your customer service and create and nurture relationships with customers. Social media creates a dialogue between your brand and your audience. It influences perception and increases customer lifetime value. And all this for only a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing media channels.

Every word, photo, video and link that we create for you will boost attributable sales, build communities, drive website visits and could even increase footfall to stores. Proving that social media can bring you so much more than visibility and connectivity. Creative, measurable social media marketing means greater returns both in the short and long term.

By linking with us, your connection with a larger, broader, diverse audience is just a click away. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat, we will make sure that you stand out under the spotlight!