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With an ideology to be the ONE STOP SHOP for all creative services, Linking Media has encompassed a talent pool like no other – Our thought? Simple! Let’s give you what you need & MORE!

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Digital PR

We don’t differentiate between ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ PR, all of our PR campaigns integrate seamlessly with your online activity. Which means that the campaign we create for you will be just as successful in the Daily Mail as it is on Buzzfeed.

Why PR?

The right exposure at the right time is what innovation and targeted segmentation is all about. It’s all about who you know – Have a look at the PR Catered for Apparel Brands, entailing the leading names of the industry endorsing brand products.


PR isn’t all press releases and events; it’s much more than that. We specialize in digital stunts and creating more engaging campaigns to give you the standout required to drive and shape conversation and influence the perception of your brand online.


Giveaways are the cornerstone of all PR Campaigns. They remain the best way to get your news out to the right people at the right time. But what’s a great piece of online coverage without a link? That’s where we’re different. Choosing the right people to get right results is our main thing.