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UX Pakistan 2019 – Hosting Google Speakers

UX Pakistan 2019 – Hosting Google Speakers

UX Pakistan is hosting some of the topnotch professionals as the guest speakers for sharing their knowledge on user experience. As the motive of the conference is to create awareness about enhancement of user experience through design driven innovation, the professionals invited have expertise in product design innovation and research related to user experience.

Three of the speakers are from Google. Asif Baki is the Head of Research & Insights of the Next Billion Users initiative at Google. While he has also worked as UX researcher at Microsoft in the past, he is currently focused on making the product designs of Google more and more user friendly and taking the UX research forward for the development of new products.


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Burgan Shealy is an interaction designer at Google’s team for Chrome. She is also working on the Next Billion Users initiative through this team.Having worked at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) for different design challenges in the socio-economic sectors including those of health, energy and retail. She has sheer experience of UX research and design innovation.


Garen Checkley is one of those professionals who have prolonged experience in UX research and practical application of UX knowledge. He has worked with scientists as well as developers. He is working with Google for the emerging markets like Pakistan, incorporating the UX knowledge to meet the specific user needs for the diverse communities.


The user needs vary for each demographic area and Garen has worked for long enough to develop knowledge over UX of these markets. In the past, he has also worked with YouTube for five years on emerging markets. Having him in the panel, the audience will learn a lot about the application of UX on global scale. It is expected that these honorable speakers from Google will add great value to third UX Pakistan Conference.